Blind Technology

Idea borned in Ideas Factory Contest, Malaga, Spain.

We made a team to develop an idea in 48 hours and then try to convince a judge-team to “buy” it.
In this contest I met very important people that helps me to develop more and more the creativity, problem-solving mind, tension situations and of course about Marketing, Bussines and Enterpreneur.
We won this contest with the best idea award. But this is not the end.

After this we continue working with the idea, reasearching deeply, comparing with the competence… making test with Arduino, improving the 3D design and the ergonomy…

The idea has changed a lot from the beggining, taking form and adapting to our resources, knowledge and the reality. The complete history will be complete in another section. Anyway, other prizes that we archieve are:

Also we are competing in Jaymes Dyson Awardhere and selected in the Red Bull Basement  project.

More information is available in GitHub B-Tech

Here a brief of the product:


and more media (not from final version!):